A literary outlet

Through this blog, my feelings about Latin American literature will finally find an outlet after years of entrapment inside my head. I have been reading the masterpieces of authors like Gabriel García Márquez, Isabel Allende, Mario Vargas Llosa, Laura Esquivel and Julio Cortázar for years. They are masters developing characters and intricate stories in ways I have rarely seen mirrored in English literature. Latin American writers are unprecedented, for they are survivors of years of dictatorial regimes and civil conflicts tampering the images of their native countries. I believe that their art is based on the concept of finding beauty in the face of adversity, and I admire their literary works the most for this reason. Adversity seems to be the driving force behind my favorite authors. In the case of García Márquez, his literary approach signals pivotal events in the history of Colombia, sparking controversy among his fellow countrymen.

Through this blog I’ll let you see this magic that has smitten me for so long. Know the countries, know the authors, and learn where their inspiration comes from. Hey, who knows, maybe I’ll get you interested enough for you to pick up one of these books and be transported as well.


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