A disappointing trip to the library

I was really looking forward to check out “Malinche” by Laura Esquivel yesterday, so I went to the Smathers Library Latin American Collection to check if they have the book. When I got there, I was very happy when I found it, but when I finally found the book I opened the front page to read the first sentence of the book, as I always do, and found out that they only had it in English.

At that point, I really thought how great it would be to live in a bigger city or one where Spanish is a more predominant language. The ideal scenario would be to live in Washington D.C. where I could just go to the Library of Congress that is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month from Sep. 15 to Oct. 15.

Also, during this time, there are also many events celebrating Hispanic heritage. It would be great to go see the film “In the Time of the Butterflies” this Saturday instead of watching football, but then again, I don’t live in Washington D.C. and Gainesville is not as Spanish literature friendly.

Fortunately, the Smathers Library has about 450,000 volumes and I had no problem finding a good alternative. As usual, one of the books by Mario Vargas Llosa called me from the shelf and one of my good friends had recommended it. So now I’m reading “La Ciudad y Los Perros,” or “The Time of the Hero.” I think is really odd that I went to the library with the purpose of checking out a book about a traitor to the Aztecs, Malinche, and got out with a books about a boy in a military academy in Lima, Perú. That is just the way Spanish Literarure crawls on me.


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