Mexico claims its relics from Austria

Last week, I felt very inspired because my Mexican art history professor talked about the intentions of a group of Mexicans who want to recover the feathered headdress of Moctezuma II from Austria, and I knew about this because I read it in “The Sum of Our Days” by Isabel Allende.

In the book, she mentions Alfredo Lopez Lagarto Emplumado, who in the book is one of Tabra’s (Allende’s friend) boyfriends, and is part of the group of people soliciting the government to recover the Aztec relic from the Austrian government. Allende writes about his quest to recover the feathered headdress from the European empire.

Since Allende published the book earlier this year, the headdress has yet to return to its rightful owners — the descendants of the Aztecs.

However, the efforts to recover it have not stopped. I found an article about some of the efforts of the Mexican people to recover the crown in a Mexican newspaper called El Sol de Puebla. The article talks about a manifestation in Vienna, Austria, to reclaim the prehispanic crown. It also mentions that in May 2005, the former Mexican President Vicente Fox asked the Austrian government for the return of the crown.

In the article, which was published over a year ago, it says that the dancers and activists think that the crown could return to Mexico in the next three years.

If it is ever returned, the crown will be displayed in the Anthropological National Museum of Mexico City, which is built over the remains of Moctezuma’s residence.


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