Inspiration for a new generation of writers

Rafael Trujillo, the former dictator of the Dominican Republic, was the source of inspiration for Mario Vargas Llosa’s novel “The Feast of the Goat.” Nowadays, a new generation of writers is being inspired by deranged leaders and history will soon judge their actions.

Vargas Llosa seems to agree and said so in a story published in the Guardian. In the story, Vargas Llosa argues complains about the governments of Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez, saying that soon there will be a generation of writers documenting their actions. He said that their governments are:

“like a broken record that repeats the same concepts, the same clichés and phobias, the same politics”.

He also said that he is more supportive of the approaches of other leaders like Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Michelle Bachelet in Brazil and Chile respectively because they practice what he calls in the Guardian story a “democratic left.”

However, two things mentioned in the story left me wondering about the future of Latin American politics and the future of its leaders. First, this story made me think about the destiny of Latin America without much meddling of the United States, which has changed from Vargas Llosa’s youth due to the focus of the state department in Iraq, the Middle East and the rise of China. And second, what really made me look into the future was what Vargas Llosa had to say about the future generations of writers. He said that leaders like Chavez and Morales are sure to inspire the new generations to write novels about their lives, and that the current leaders will have to wait on history to judge them through literature. Vargas Llosa concluded:

“The book about Chavez will come at some point,” he says. “Just give the Venezuelans time to assimilate him.”


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