Good, bad books are the answer sometimes

I don’t always read very high-brow Latin American literature. After all, I have been living in the United States for eight years, and some of its pop culture has to stick on me somehow.

About two month ago, one of my friends told me to read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Well, I am hooked to the series. And in the middle of midterms, reading something a little lighter is a relief (or so I tell myself in order to feel less guilty).

Now, the book is going to be turned into a major motion picture, and I plan to be there for the premiere on Nov. 21. I know that I said that books do not translate well into movies, but in the case of good, bad books like this one, I don’t think that there is much to tamper with.

It is a joke among Twilight geeks, like me, to spend hours gazing at the screen and looking at the trailers for the movie. But yesterday, the same friend who let me borrow the first book of the series, showed me the trailer for the movie in Spain.

Well, the translation is hilarious.

The characters all have very heavy Spanish (from Spain) accents. They all linger on the “s” like most Spaniards do and have a certain emphasis to words that is only noticeable by Latin Americans.

In my mind, Edward speaks perfect English and not perfect Spanish.


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