Women’s guilt trip

Eve was blamed for making Adam bite the apple — or fig, as Gioconda Belli argues– and of being expelled from paradise.

But was Eve given the chance to explain her actions?

Last saturday, I went to Nova Southeastern University for the literary fair. There, I got to ask Gioconda Belli herself how is it that she picks out her female characters.

In the past, I’ve felt that she picked those very special women in history who were somehow misunderstood, judging by her argument defending Juana de Castilla in her book “The Scroll of Seduction.” Now I know, thanks to her answer, that the characters pick her and that in the case of Eve, the character has been a life-long obsession of Belli.

When she was discussing her latest novel, “Infinity in the Palm of her Hand,” Belli discussed guilt as the main theme in a women’s life, relating this theme to her personal life and the choices she made while raising her children. Belli described herself as a “guerrilla with a stroller,”  making me think about my own life as a writer. 

Also, Belli read a passage from her book, describing the first time Adam and Eve made love. This passage really makes me think about the wise choice Belli took, as a writer, of choosing these characters because of the unexplored territory she uncovered. Not only was this act the first ever sexual act, according to the Bible, but these characters discovered their own bodies as a result of their own awareness toward mortality. After all, there was no need to reproduce when they were going to be eternal; and when they were expelled from paradise, they discovered guilt and sex simultaneously.  

Lastly, Belli mad me think about something entirely new. Adam and Eve are such virgin characters, that they don’t even have a childhood because they were created adults and not babies. Then again, I have to give it up to Belli and her wit to make me aware of such a fact.


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