Gioconda Belli transported me, yet again

Not a curious and careless seductress, as Gioconda Belli puts it, Eve was not as guilty as it may appear from the Genesis story.

After all, she was human as we all are and experiencing life was for her the beginning of history.

In Gioconda Belli’s latest book, “The Infinity in the Palm of her Hand,” the story of Adam and Eve as a couple is further explained. The journey of these two characters takes the reader from the time when they were in paradise, to when Eve bit the fig, as Belli explains, to when the first murder takes place.

Yet what I really love about this book is the sexual attraction between Adam and Eve.

Not only were they the fist couple to ever have sex, but they also had no notion of how this would happen at all. Belli makes an excellent job describing this first encounter and how their love was he beginning of history. In the book, their love takes a primal aspect because they are seeking survival, and they are both very much in touch with their sexuality almost at the same level with hunger.

Adam and Eve, as Belli portrayed them, remind me of how simple love, and sex, really are.


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