Missing the freedom

In the spirit that I just got into, I am going to tell everyone a little bit about the system that just trapped me.

I miss college.

I miss it more than what I missed Colombia when I moved to the United States.

I miss it more than what I miss eating luscious fruits every day with exotic names that stick to your tongue.

I miss it more than what I miss my father.

It is impossible to convey the feeling that just grabbed me. I miss college.

Maybe it was the freedom I felt this weekend in Gainesville, the town where my Alma Mater is located.

The freedom of not feeling guilty while enjoying an afternoon of leisure in the balcony, staring out… Thinking, making plans.

The freedom to drink and not worrying about my mother.

The freedom to sleep in the same bed with my boyfriend.

The freedom to take my car and just drive…

The freedom to stare vacantly into the crowd of a punk/rock show.

Well, now that I am back to reality and the lack of time to make plans, I feel more trapped than ever and had a spark of creativity. Here is my outburst!

Corporate America sucks.

It promises high-paying jobs for those who go to college. Jobs that will award you the freedom to travel once a year to an exotic destination, move to a trendy loft, go out to drink cosmopolitans with your friends and do whatever you want. Because you did the right thing. You went to college. You graduated cum laude from a great school.

It is a lie. And I am living it.


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