Immigration Reform

In Arizona, I would be mandated by law to carry my Green Card at all times.


A college graduate, who speaks fluent English, has a job, pays taxes and has been living in the United State for 10 years.

I first heard the news on NPR:

under the law everyone must have I.D. proving resident status or citizenship. Officers can use race as a factor in determining whether to question someone, though it can’t be the only factor. Another section of the law deals with day labor. Illegal immigrants can now be arrested for soliciting work.

I understand that the situation in the border is becoming unbearable, but it doesn’t justify this man hunt. It is absurd.

What is next?

Do I have to tan less to look less Hispanic?

Speak English to my Hispanic friends?

I am really disappointed by the lack of action of the current administration. And the silly political calendar that makes it impossible for senators and law makers to make any decision prior to elections.

I know that the border is not a safe place. Especially after reading 2666 by Roberto Bolaño. But still, this is not a justification because the United States has the resources to fight these problems, targeting them from their source. It is really a matter of strengthening the relationships with Mexico and fighting narco-terrorism together. Targeting Hispanics living in the United States is not the solution.

If only the government could see.


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